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You need to look around and ask in your circle first. There are different opinions of different people and at the same time, preferences differ as well. Try to go for the low priced wholesale clothes shops, from where you can get a large batch for lesser amount. Going for different material at different shops will be costly.
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Founded by the Dutch in 1810, Bandung became important with the arrival of the railroad in the late 19th cent. Bandung is a textile center and the site of the country's quinine industry, which uses the cinchona grown on nearby plantations. Other manufactures include ceramics, chemicals, rubber products, aircraft, and machinery. The city is the seat of a textile institute, the Pasteur Institute, a technological institute, several universities, and a nuclear research center.

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Disclaimer I don't have experience in this myself. I found a few options that are possibilities in finding some independent Sales reps for the construction industry

Hire Commission Based Sales Reps

Independent Sales Reps Opportunities