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Are microwaves safe?

AL Alexkeats asked on 12 July 2020, 18:18
Yes, microwave ovens are safe. While they can damage vitamin content in vegetables -- particularly Vitamin C -- they do so at a far lower rate than simple boiling.

Microwave cooking and nutrition
You could put a heat-resistant plate, or even a wad of tin foil in the bottom of the pan. Put your artichokes on top and add water so that it doesn't go beyond the bottom of the artichokes. You might have to peek in from time to time to make sure your water hasn't evaporated away, but that is something you also need to be aware of when using a steam basket.

If push come to shove, you can just boil the artichokes. It's not idea and can lead to waterlogging, particularly if you overcook them, but it works.
It would tend to raise it. At first, there would be no change, but as materials from the plant were dissolved, they would increase the density of the water and thus the boiling point.

This increase is miniscule if we're talking about the typical boiling of vegetables. It becomes noticeable when the vegetable is reduced to a puree, however. Boil potatoes, tomatoes, or squash to a thick paste, and the boiling temperature can rise as much as 50C/100F before they burn. Adding sugar or flour would also cause an increase in boiling point.

How do I shave ice without a machine?

JO Johnedwards asked on 02 March 2020, 10:00
Even to do it by hand, you're going to need some sort of machine. The most basic is the Mexican raspador de hielo or ice rasp. It's like a wood plane, but it captures the shavings (of ice) in a compartment on the rasp's back.

You'll need to work quickly, or in a refrigerated room, though, as the ice will melt quickly. You'll also need to get ice in blocks that you shave. Cubes won't do.

Ice Shaver for Snow Cones - Raspador De Hielo Raspdos Raspas Silver Steel Nwot Review
I find the combination extremely convenient. Having one appliance takes up less counter space in my kitchen and counter space is extremely valuable. The only downside I've had is that the toaster in the combination is slightly harder to clean than a stand-alone model might be.

I've had this Daewoo combo for the past 11 years without problem:

Alas... no help for that batch.

Due to the high sugar content, meringues attract water vapor. The humidity in the air will turn that crisp meringue into the sticky mess you're seeing. Since the humid air is on the outside, that's the part that gets sticky first. The humidity will work its way inside until it's all just goo.

Next time you make them, try to make them on a dry day. Then, as soon as they're cool, but them in an airtight container. If necessary, you might put in a desiccant -- those little packs that warn you not to eat them -- if you live in an always-humid area.
Fruits have peels to protect them from the environment as well as microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) that will damage them. Some peels also include toxins to make them unappetizing to animals (including insects, birds, and animals) that might eat them before they are ripe and ready to spread their seeds.

The thickness of a peel will depend primarily on the type of fruit, but may also vary according to plant breed or line. Some fruits of the same type have thicker skins than others, e.g. Concord grapes have a thicker peel than do most wine grapes; pomelos have thicker peels than mandarins.

Do black-eyed peas contain protein?

SU Suryasankar asked on 06 June 2020, 19:45
Yes, they do. Quite a bit, in fact.

Cowpeas, common (blackeyes, crowder, southern), mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt

Are mushrooms vegetables?

SA Salilkabiraa asked on 29 May 2020, 08:55
It's treated as a vegetable, so it can be considered a vegetable. Mushrooms are a type of fungus; yeast is also a type of fungus. Protein extracted from yeast is termed 'vegetable protein', so I think you'd have to consider it a vegetable, unless your language has another category for fungi in the kitchen.
Depending on the weather in Washington state, Rainier Cherries are in season from late June to early August, for a period of about six weeks. The season can be shorter than that, though.

Can carrots be naturally spicy?

SO Sophieturner asked on 01 June 2020, 03:35
It's unlikely as carrots don't really have the chemicals that create a spicy sensation.

I'd look at the olive oil. There are good olive oils that do have a bit of a bite to them. See:

Olive Oil Tasting Terms
It depends on the strain of pea. On average, green peas have 6-7 peas in the pod, but the number can range from 2 to 20.

There are two ways I use kale with fish.

The first is to slightly pre-cook it in boiling water, drain, then sautee with oil and garlic. Use this as a bed for a filet of fish that poached, fried, or baked.

The other is to cook the kale in water, but add some strong Indian spices -- curry powder works if that's what you've got. Then puree the kale in a blender and use it as a sauce to be poured over the fish. Again, the fish can be cooked however you like it, but no additional seasonings are required.
Yes, it is. Lingering moisture will both encourage sprouting and the growth of molds.
Pudding (depending on the exact recipe) has eggs, dairy, and a thickener, often and notoriously flour. These all serve to deaden the fresh taste of whatever they're combined with, from chocolate to fruit. It is most likely that they are interfering with the full flavor of pistachio nuts. If the nuts are cooked in the pudding, their flavor is further altered.
If you've a bunch of them -- a good handful or more -- put them in a cloth kitchen towel, put the towel on a countertop, then roll over them with a rolling pin. Bear down until you hear the nuts start cracking, but no more.

That, in miniature, is how the nut processor is doing it.
Garlic loses it bite because heat is breaking down the chemicals (primarily allicin) that give it its bite. With the allicin gone, other flavors can come out. The garlic is further sweetened by having some of its sugars caramelized by the heat.