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Whom to sell medical devices?

MI Mikeneville asked on 27 June 2020, 15:28
Suppliers realize that the healthcare market is a full of affiliations, network hierarchies, and regulations that can be critical enough to navigate. This unique industry is full of opportunities, with hospital and other facility leaders looking for the best medical devices and methods for improving patient care outcomes.

Anything is possible. 900% growth is pretty incredible, and in order for you to attain that, you will need to be investing in extremely high risk vehicles to achieve that kind of a result. That also means, that the odds of losing all of your money run high too..

If you use the rule of 72, and take a reasonable rate of return, say 5.5%, you would expect to double your investment in 13 years. You are looking to make 9 times your investment in less than half that time. That means a tremendous amount of chances you will need to take in options, derivatives, etc.. You will need to work your butt off managing them too.