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Galaxies are circular, but we view most of them from an angle so they look elliptical, some we see exactly side on so the look like a line.

A galaxy viewed from above ( or below)

A galaxy viewed side on.

Cool down slightly quicker, the protruding  handle of the spoon acts a radiator or cooling fin.

The alloy gives the optimum combination of four properties, ductile enough to be made into wire , heat resistance, suitable electrical resistivity, and low corrosion.

Nichrome - Wikipedia

Vacuum doesn't pull the air pressure inside the suit pushes, so the suit is designed to work smoothly and a low pressure of pure oxygen is used to make things easier for the astronaut.

What is the strongest molecule?

AL Alanng asked on 07 May 2020, 15:18
Carbynes are thought to be the strongest molecules. Stronger than carbon nanotubes.

Dynamic Periodic Table will give you this information plus many other Data items for all the elements.

What is salt spray test?

VI Vishwasjoshi asked on 05 July 2020, 07:35

It is a standard test for corrosion of metals and the effectiveness of paints and other protective coatings such as resin and other anti corrosion methods.

It is designed to simulate, in a relatively short time, years of exposure to bad weather, sea water spray on ships, or even the effectiveness of household paint.

Salt spray test

Nothing other than the pH the strip has measured , you then compare the Colour of the strip with the scale on the side of the container.
Surely you should contact the NABL for that information.

Removing temporary hardness simply involves boiling, soluble calcium bicarbonate is decomposed into insoluble calcium carbonate which you can filter out.

As Jim Griepenburg correctly comments, on an industrial scale water treatment plants add Lime to convert calcium bicarbonate to insoluble calcium carbonate which is then filtered out.

Hardness of water : Revision

No, but it defies common sense but then I'm 65 and cannot do it.

How do LED fluorescent lights work?

KU Kumailkirmani asked on 24 December 2019, 17:08

Inside the tube there is a long strip of individual LED diodes and the electronics to convert mains electricity to DC needed by the diodes.

To install a replacement LED tube light, remove the old fluorescent tube and install the new LED tube. Also remove the original starter and replace it with the one that will be supplied with the new LED tube. ( the new starter is actually just a piece of wire in a starter shaped container,since a starter is not needed for the LED tube but you have to have it since it completes the electrical circuit)

It should do if it is authentic but the cheap ones will no doubt be loaded up with artificial flavours. Check the ingredients list before you buy any.

They are not generally not allowed, they have even higher carbs than white potato. But if you must eat sweet potato make sure that the portion of sweet potato is small, calculate the carbs in that portion and make sure you don’t go over your 20–30 gram limit for the day.

Low-Carb Vegetables - Visual Guide to the Best and Worst - Diet Doctor

What causes mangoes to rot?

PA Pawannaulakha asked on 03 July 2020, 06:00
The same thing that causes everything else to rot, fungi, yeasts and bacteria.
That is something that Louis Pasteur discovered a long while ago.

Here is the phase diagram for water.

When the pressure gets up to 100000 atmospheres and higher, the crystal structure of ice gets rearranged to give different forms of ice. Each form of ice has slightly different properties

Water phase diagram

Thinners tend to be mixtures of similar materials, so you would have to use GCMS to fully analyse these thinners. Simpler techniques such as Infrared spectroscopy will give a qualitative idea of the general types of materials in the mixture but not a full quantitative analysis.