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These can be worthy of being put in this listing: greenbaum home furnishings, anna's home furnishings, bassell home furnishings.
Global Sources has over 1 Million international buyers, included 95 of the world's top 100 retailers.
amazon has sellers in a huge quantity on its platform, the sellers are from all around the world and therefore the prices vary and suit everyone according to their needs. the discounts that amazon provides are better as well.
thhe best soolution for best ecommerce is magento. the comprehensibility along with its features and functionalities make it dominate the market with no other competitors.

There’s are alot of good choices.

Spend at least $200-300 on a good brand, like Bernina, Janome, or Singer.

AVOID big box stores. Instead, buy from a dealer near you, if possible. You can then trade up with them if she wants to eventually upgrade. I’ve only done this twice in 40 years of sewing so it’s worth it to start out with a good quality machine.

Other tips:

  • Test drive before you buy.
  • Get it serviced once a year.
  • Take some lessons to learn good habits.

Sew on!


There’s a garment district in LA that is well known for fabrics, including leftover designer bolts. Also, most online resources offer a wholesale price if you buy the entire bolt.

Miami and NYC are also good sources.

I’ve heard about all of these places from designers, store owners, and hobbyists, so it’s likely not hard to find such places~