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I plan to start an import/export business of fish. Which country should I target first and where and how can I find the overseas customer/partners?

If your business plan’s first step is to ask for a business plan on Quora maybe you aren’t quite ready yet.

International trade in foodstuff. One of the most regulated commodities you could choose.

Good luck with that.


I see so many of these questions.

How do I start an import/export business?

How do I import Qumquats?

What products should I import/export?

Which all basically boil down to; How can you teach me your 40 years of experience in 2 or 3 paragraphs.

And so on. So for all these questions here is the answer.

  • Learn all the export regulations for the country from which you wish to export goods.
  • Locate a buyer and agree on price and terms of sale.
  • Learn all the import regulations for the country to which you wish to ship your goods. This includes;
    • Documentation
    • Labeling
    • Marking
    • Tariff
    • Duty
    • Taxes
    • Restricted goods
  • Locate and engage a shipping agent.
  • Locate and engage a customs broker if required. (See terms of sale)
  • Become rich as an international shipping magnate.

If the questioner does not know enough to realize that without country of origin, country of export, country of import and the exact commodity the question is unanswerable? They are not even close to being ready to enter the business of international trade.