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Can diabetics eat ground nuts?

XI Xiaojessiexiao asked on 10 June 2020, 01:11

Creating a disease or disorder or metabolic problem by some manmade, artificial food the public is made to doubt every natural food.

It is pitiable world, where drug maker, food compny and doctor make money using the fear of man in his life.

Any natural food, not industrially manmade like white sugar, is good when in limits and if not allergic.

Groundnut is one of the best natural food.


There is difference between a steady current and current when switched ON and OFF. Steady current is less than the switch ON current.

Any equipment with inductor load like motor, fan etc draws higher current at start. Even a light bulb, even though it is a resistor, due to its cold start, draws little higher current when switched on.

When a load is switched ON again and again, the increase in current heats the fuse wire moe and more. This heat makes the fusing.