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>Does the OS allocates 4 stack memories or only 1 stack memory will be allocated for whole program?

Windows allocate stack memory to threads. Each thread in windows is described by the Thread Block Structure. You can issue the values for this structure from a system, and you'll have a thread stack size for each thread you're running.

So, each of your dll's wil run at least one thread, and each thread will have it's own stack.

>How much stack memory size will be allocated for the program?

Query the TCB block of the thread using WinAPI.

Honestly, I’ve never analyzed the context and the meaning of the this song too deeply or even shallowly.

What it means to me? Just a sad song about life, when you feel lost, and don’t know where to go or what path to choose, but eventually you realize that’s OK, and there’s nothing to worry about.

This song also feels semi-sad semi-happy to me. The artist is clearly talking about a depressive period in his life, but the song has some nice, optimistic color to it.

Like, “Shit happens, but that OK. Let’s move on!”.