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Because bacteria on the chicken can contaminate your hands, the sink, bench top etc.

However, I break the rules, I wash it in hot water to rinse off any juices on the chicken or pieces, cleaning any little feathers left behind, when it is visually clean, then it gets cooked.

Next step is to scrub the sink the chicken was washed in, at least I know the chicken was clean before being cooked.

Maybe it is mind over matter, if you don’t mind eating feathers, it does not matter.

Do you know how to cut watermelons?

AN Andrewdaviel asked on 02 July 2020, 05:10

There are many ways to cut watermelon, some are very artistic, these are used as center pieces.


Watermelons have a tendril closest to the melon, it is an indicator of ripeness, when the tendril is dead/ dried all the way down the melon is ready to pick.