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start with the most adequate and detailed research. then build your strategy in a manner that is niche driven, try to reach up to a high performance website, go for SEO, then spread the word of your brand via social media.
psychological freedom is what you are when you are born with and what you lose as you enter more into bondage by indentofying slef as, labels, names, characterstics, descriptions, seccesses, occupations and degrees. psychological freedom is freedom from attachment, freedom of being identified by anything.

How much is worth?

MI Mikegiles asked on 27 June 2020, 23:11
they are really far far ahead than fb or any other self hyped websites, Jack Ma -the owner has  aliaba ,taobao ,tmall and mostly every e-commerce sites in China. 75 % Chinese people trusts e-commerce,and its way  better than amazon. currently Jack Ma's net-worth is 10 bn$....Forbes has predicted after its publicized it will become 150 bn$ by 2016.if u are considering to buy IPO of this ,its worth a shot . #currentlyinChina.