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How can I book IRCTC flight tickets?

JO Johndonovan asked on 02 July 2020, 13:33
here are certain steps you need to follow to book flights through IRCTC websites. 1) visit IRCTC website 2) choose the flights option on the top of the screen 3) choose from the screen options available according to your wish of the trip 4) enter your trip details 5) select the preffered flight and 6) book the flight

Is Vietnam Nike real?

JO Johncarnish asked on 06 March 2020, 08:19

Assuming that you are questioning whether Nike shoes made in Vietnam are genuine, i would answer yes since Nike is a fabless company: manufacturing is ensured by contractors, chinese, taiwanese or korean companies which are moving to Vietnam to benefit from low cost of labour and loose labour regulations.

So it is highly probable that a pair of Nike sold at $99 in an official store was made by a contractor in Vietnam for a cost of $5 (labour included).