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Where can I buy gadgets online?

JA Jasmeetkaur asked on 30 June 2020, 17:55
These are the sites to try out: amazon, walmart, B&H, bestbuy, aliexpress, gearbest, newegg, ebay, newfrog, banggood, overstock
If you are a 100% sure that the shampoo is definitely a herbal and a natural one then why not? You may use it for the longest you want and it wont harm your beard.

Hope this list helps:

1. Jeffrey Dahmer

According to history, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the scariest serial killers in the United States. In thirteen years, Dahmer killed 17 boys and men. However he didn’t just kill them; these murders included rape, necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism. The police discovered something very disturbing in his apartment. Apparently, he was doing a horrific sexual act by drilling into the heads and skulls of his victims who are still alive. When they were already dead, he either had sex with the corpses or ate pieces of them. He was arrested in the year 1994 and was beaten to death by an inmate inside jail.

2. John Wayne Gacy

Known as “The Killer Clown”, John Wayne Gacy was one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He was caught assaulting two teenage boys sexually and was then sentenced with 10 years in jail. Due to his excellent behavior as an inmate, he was released on parole. As the years went by, he enjoyed dressing up as “Pogo the Clown” and started volunteering at parades and parties. Behind the costume was the person who killed 33 young men, burying their bodies in his yard, house, and the river near his house. After he was arrested, the authorities found bones in his house, forcing him to confess to the murders.

3. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was described to be a very charismatic and friendly guy. Behind this personality is the twisted mind of a serial killer. In just four years, he was able to kidnap and kill 30 young women in the United States. To entice his victims, he would pretend to be an authority figure or a disabled person. There are also times that he would just break into the homes of his victims and stab them to death while they were sleeping. He would then rape and dismember his victims after killing them, keeping their heads as souvenirs. He was finally arrested in the year 1979 and was sentenced to death penalty by electric chair in 1989.

4. Ed Gein

Ed Gein confessed to only two murders. The number of people he killed may not match the definition of ‘serial killer’ but his terrifying acts had made him the inspiration for several horror-suspense movies including Psycho. Gein lived with his brother and mother. When both of them died, Gein started to visit cemeteries to dig up bodies of women whom he thought resembled his mother best. The body parts of the two people he killed were scattered all around the town. Police discovered skulls made into bowls, chairs upholstered in human flesh and a belt made out of human nipples. He was arrested and spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital.

5. Aileen Wuornos

Only a few females have found comfort in being serial killers and one of them is Aileen Wuornos. Her life was actually full of neglect and abuse. She got pregnant at the age of 15 and she had an incestuous relationship with her own brother. Wuornos fell in love with a woman and she supported her by becoming a prostitute. During her years in this business, she killed seven men, claiming that they were trying to hurt and harm her during their sexual encounters. She was arrested and sentenced with death penalty through lethal injection.

6. Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway strangled about 71 women in a span of 8-10 years. His first five victims were found in the Green River, thus the nickname “Green River Killer”. Ridgway picked up prostitutes and then strangles them. He managed to escape the authorities until he was finally caught in the year 2001.

7. Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas was known to be America’s most prolific serial killer. He killed at least 350 people in a span of twenty years, although his confessions reveal that he actually murdered more than 600 victims. He spent ten years in jail after he murdered his own mother. Due to overcrowding in jail, he was eventually released and when he got out, he became a drifter and made friends with Ottis Toole. Toole later on became his accomplice in more than 108 murders. He died in prison due to natural causes in the year 2001.

8. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo was born in the Ukraine and grew up to be a Soviet killer. He was famous for his nicknames such as “The Rostov Ripper”, “Butcher of Rostov”, and the “Red Ripper”. According to records, he killed at least 52 children and women in a span of 12 years. Chikatilo’s first victim was a nine-year old girl. During this incident, he realized how he could experience sexual gratification by slashing and stabbing children and women to death. He was in and out of jail as there was never enough evidence to put him there for good. With the authorities’ undying effort to unlock those murder mysteries, Chikatilo was eventually caught in the year 1990, and confessed to the murder of 36 people. He was convicted with 52 counts of murder in the year 1992.

9. Dennis Rader

For about seventeen years, Dennis Rader killed at least ten people in the Kansas area. Scary as it may seem, Rader was feared for being a BTK killer, which stands for Bind, Torture, and Kill. He is also fond of sending notes to people from the media and even local authorities, where he describes how he kills his victims. According to his notes, Rader binds his victims and strangles them until they pass out. He would force his victims to wake up and do the same thing all over again. As the victim dies, Rader then gets sexual gratification from a piece of his victim’s clothing.

He taunted the police for not being able to catch him. Unfortunately for him, his own letters led to his eventual capture in the year 2005. The police were able to get a deleted file from the disk that Rader sent them. The said file contained information about the church where Rader attended. He was convicted with 10 counts of murder and is still in jail, serving a life sentence without parole.

10. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso López is a Colombian serial killer, accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across South America was believed to have preyed on young and vulnerable girls in Peru. He lured them to secluded areas or inside unoccupied buildings where he raped each of them before killing them by a range of brutal methods, primarily strangulation. López was arrested when an attempted abduction failed and he was trapped by market traders. He confessed to over 300 murders. The police only believed him when a flash flood uncovered a mass grave containing many of his victims. Eventually 53 bodies were discovered. Imprisoned in 1980 he served just 18 years before being released from a Ecuadorian prison and was deported to Columbia where he was rearrested and in 2002 was sentenced to life.

11. Dr Harold Shipman

Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman was a English doctor and is one of the world’s most prolific serial killers in recorded history, proven to have been responsible for up 250 murders. A trusted doctor, he was well respected in his community, however colleagues and local undertakers began raising concerns over the high death rate in the area and the large number of cremation forms for elderly women that he had countersigned. Several bodies were later exhumed and post mortems revealed diamorphine within their system. It was later established Shipman had purposely injected fatal doses of the drug in a huge number of patients, causing their death. He then forged their wills so he could inherit large sums of money and completed cremation requests to destroy the victim’s bodies. The trial judge sentenced him to 15 consecutive life sentences and recommended that he never be released. Shipman later hanged himself in January 2004 in his cell at Wakefield Prison.

12. Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Camargo was a Colombian serial killer who is believed to have raped and killed over 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador during the 1970s and 1980s. He calmly confessed to killing 71 girls in Ecuador after escaping from the Colombian prison. He led authorities to the dumping grounds of those victims whose bodies had not yet been recovered. After raping his victims, he had hacked the girls with a machete. He was convicted in 1989 and sentenced to just 16 years in prison, the maximum sentence available in Ecuador. In November 1994, he was murdered in prison by the cousin of one of his victims.

13. Gary Ridgway

One of the United States most prolific serial killers, Gary Ridgway was arrested in 2001 for 4 murders though confessed to killing at least 70 women in Washington state throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. He avoided the death penalty by provided detailed confessions and led police to the dumping sites of his victims, five of whom he dumped in the Green River leading to the press nicknaming him The Green River Killer. He was convicted of 49 murders and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

14. Hiroshi Maeue

Maeue suffered from paraphillic psychosexual disorder, meaning he could only get off by hurting people. This pervert’s preferred method of sexual gratification was asphyxiating others. Between 1988 and 2005, Maeue tried to strangle five people, but only received light sentences for two of the attacks. Those first few attempts were only practice though. When the internet suicide pacts grew in popularity, Maeue started hunting online.
His first victim was 25-year-old Michiko Nagamoto. Maeue sent her multiple emails encouraging her to commit suicide with him. He even suggested they sit in his car and breathe in fumes from burning charcoal. The young woman agreed, but when she met Maeue, he tied her up and held her mouth and nose shut until she died. When asked later why he did it, Maeue responded, “I wanted to watch a face in agony.”
Next, Maeue went after a 14-year-old boy and a college student. Each time, he promised his victim they’d die peacefully together. When they showed up, they were bound and murdered. Afterwards, Maeue hid the bodies in the mountains or near a dam, before returning home to watch recordings of the killings. Fortunately, Maeue was stopped before he could claim more victims, and was executed by hanging in 2009. Strangely, Maeue never appealed his sentence.

15. Karl Denke

Denke lived in what was then the town of Muensterberg in Germany (today it’s Ziebice, Poland), and he was a beloved figure around town. Everybody called him “Papa Denke,” he was active in church, and was always willing to give a handout to those less fortunate. He even let poor travelers and homeless vagabonds spend the night in his home. When he wasn’t doing good deeds, he was selling suspenders, belts, and scrumptious jars of pickled pork. He was so popular that nobody cared if he regularly dumped buckets of blood outside his home, or that his apartment smelled really weird.Then on December 21, 1924, a coachman heard screaming coming from Denke’s house. He ran inside to find a young man covered in blood. Denke claimed the man was a thief who he’d fended off with an ax. Following protocol, the police took Denke to the station and locked him up. Later that evening, they found Papa Denke hanging in his cell, having committed suicide with his handkerchief. Suspicious, the police searched his home and found human skin (for those suspenders) and tubs of pickled flesh. They even found a journal full of names, dates, and…weights. In total, authorities suspected Denke of murdering 40 people over a span of four years.

16. Anatoly Onoprienko

In 1989, Onoprienko pulled up beside a car parked on the side of the road and shot everyone inside. He didn’t have a motive. He just felt the urge. For his next kill, the Terminator and a friend from his gym broke into a home, stole whatever they could find, and murdered everyone there. Not long after that, Onoprienko found another car by the side of the road, butchered the family inside, and torched the Bodies.in, be comfortable in your own skin. 1995 and 1996, the Terminator armed himself with a sawed-off 12-guage shotgun and broke into homes across the Ukraine, slaughtering entire families. Sometimes he shot the lock off the door, and sometimes he hurled a brick through the window, tricking the owner into stepping outside. The Terminator always blasted the men, but he was a bit more diverse when it came to the women and kids. Sometimes he used his shotgun, but sometimes he used knives, hammers, or axes. After the deed was done, he’d take a trophy and then set the house on fire. If anyone witnessed the crime, Onoprienko made sure they didn’t tell a soul. By the time he was arrested in 1996, he’d killed a total of 52 people.During his trial, Onoprienko claimed he was possessed, that government agencies were spying on him, and that voices from outer spacee ordered him to kill. It was later revealed that Onoprienko’s lawyer told him to act insane, but the charade did little good. He was initially sentenced to death but Ukraine abolished the death penalty shortly after the trial. Instead, he was given life, and spent 17 years behind bars before dying of a heart attack in 2013.

17. Charles Sobhraj

Charles Sobhraj speaks several languages, studies psychology, and is an expert on gemology. He’s a big fan of Nietzsche, loves discussing “Beyond Good and Evil,” and between 1975 and 1976, this half-Vietnamese half-Indian “ubermensch” murdered over 20 people across India, Thailand, Nepal, Turkey, and Iran. And thanks to his genius, he almost got away.Sobrhaj’s M.O. was to befriend western tourists hiking along the “Hippie Trail,” a path that wound its way through Asia. Then he used pills or powders to make his victims sick. When they were too weak to continue, he finished them off. Sometimes he strangled, sometimes he stabbed, and sometimes he burned them to death. Thinking of himself as a superman, Sobhraj saw his crimes not as murders but as cleanings. Sobrhaj finally screwed up when he poisoned 60 French tourists staying at an Indian hotel. His attack backfired, only giving everyone violent diarrhea, and Sobhraj was caught and arrested. However, the Indian government only had enough evidence to convict him on minor charges. He was sentenced to 11 years, but the moment he stepped out of prison, the Thai government planned to extradite him to face the death penalty. However, a quirky Thai law stated that if a suspect wasn’t tried within 20 years of the crime, he couldn’t be prosecuted. If Sobhraj could stay in the Indian prison system just a little longer, he’d eventually be a free man.Nicknamed “The Serpent” for his crafty skills as an escape artist, Sobrhaj planned to drug his guards and break out of prison—after all, he’d done it four times before. The escape went according to plan and he was arrested two weeks later—-also according to plan. Tried for escaping, his extra sentence meant he wasn’t released until 1997. Safe from the Thai government, he planned to live a life of luxury with the millions he earned selling the movie and book rights to his story. Then he made a big mistake. In 2003, he was arrested in Nepal for the murder of two North Americans, and today he’s safely behind bars.

18. Adolfo Constanzo

When Adolfo Constanzo was a baby, a priest gave him a bowlful of water…that had been used to boil human bones. It was the first step in a magical career that would end with dismembered corpses scattered across Mexico. His mom raised him as a follower of Palo Mayombe, an African-influenced religion that developed among slaves in the Spanish Caribbean. When he was older, Constanzo dedicated himself to Kadiempembe, his version of the devil. He worked as a fortune teller and magician—with a clientele of hardened criminals. The Florida native worked for Mexican gangsters, advising them with his psychic abilities and offering powers like invisibility and the strength to deflect bullets.Constanzo’s charisma attracted devoted followers, including drug dealers who believed his religion was good for business. But to keep the gods happy, Constanzo demanded human sacrifice. On his ranch outside Matamoros, “El Padrino” (The Godfather) sacrificed enemy gangsters, farmers, and even kids. He slit throats, cut off genitals, chopped off heads, and ripped out hearts and lungs. Not always in that order. Afterwards, the body parts were boiled in cauldrons, and the gang members took turns drinking the bloody broth.However, Constanzo made a mistake when he sacrificed an American student, 21-year-old Mark Kilroy, who his men had captured while he was partying in Matamoros. His abduction brought in the American government, and Kilroy’s family offered a reward for any information about their son. Under heavy pressure, the Mexican police began an intensive search for the missing student. Their big break came when one of Constanzo’s followers ran a police roadblock. Fleeing from the cops, the cultist led authorities straight to the ranch, where they discovered 15 bodies buried in the desert (and that’s not counting all the people Constanzo’s cult killed in Mexico City). A month later, Constanzo was found hiding in a follower’s apartment. After nearly 200 cops surrounded the building, Constanzo, fearing arrest, ordered his followers to shoot him and his lover.

19. Robert Ben Rhoades

Rhoades was a long haul trucker whose CB handle was “Whips and Chains” and it probably won’t shock you to learn he was big in the BDSM scene. When he wasn’t clubbing, “Whips and Chains” was picking up young female hitchhikers at truck stops and winning their trust with his cool, confident demeanor. Then he’d chain them up inside his rig, cut their hair, shave their bodies and pull out his rape kit, a briefcase full of alligator clips, needles, whips, and dildos. After he had his fun, Rhoades murdered his victims, sometimes using a piece of wire.The torture truck toured America until April 1, 1990, when an Arizona cop noticed Rhoades had his hazard lights on. When the officer investigated, he found a naked woman shackled in the cab. Rhoades was arrested, and investigators started digging into his background. They searched his truck and apartment and found bloody towels, a damning journal, and photos of a terrified girl. A year later, they identified her as Regina Kay Walters, a 14-year-old whose body was found in Illinois. Faced with the death penalty, Rhoades plea bargained and was sentenced to life. But the horror story kept unfolding. A few years ago, Rhoades was given two additional life sentences for the murder of two traveling missionaries.

20. Carl Eugene Watts

Before he started his Houston spree, Watts had been busy in Michigan. He was the prime suspect in the 1980 murders of three Ann Arbor women, but authorities didn’t have enough evidence to convict the “Sunday Morning Slasher.” When Watts moved to Houston, they could only warn police that trouble was heading their way.When Watts hit Texas, he moved at an amazing speed, his methods changing from killing to killing. Some women were stabbed, some strangled, and one was even hanged, all because they had “evil in their eyes.” Convinced they were wicked, Watts often stole trophies from his victims and burned them to banish their spirits. He took 12 lives before May 23, 1982, when he tried to drown Melinda Aguilar and her roommate in their bathtub. Aguilar escaped from the apartment and called for help. Watts was captured as he tried to flee.Despite his crimes, the Houston D.A. made a deal with Watts. The Slasher confessed to 12 more murders in exchange for a 60-year sentence. Then, thanks to a technicality, he was given time off for good behavior. Three days were struck off his sentence for every day he spent behind bars—which meant he’d be free in 24 years. Determined to keep this madman locked up, Michigan stepped in to save the day. In November 2004, they found a witness linking Watts to the murder of Helen Dutcher. The Sunday Morning Slasher was sentenced to life in a Michigan prison and died of prostate cancer in 2007.

PS: This list is not in any particular order. But still, Bundy, Gacey, Gein & Dahmer will always be in the first 10..