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There are a lot of ice cream brands in India for which you can explore a franchise option. I would suggest you should look at ice cream brands that are not present in your location and take up a franchise of them. Doing this will give you a first-mover advantage over other retailers in this segment. I can suggest a few brands like - Amul, Ibaco, Ice Berg and a lot more. In case you seek information on the best brand in the ice cream segment to take a franchise of, then I would suggest you Ice Cream Parlour Franchise in India visit the mentioned link and explore the same.

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#Food #Business #Delhi, best food business that can be started in Delhi for an investment amount of 5 Lakh can be explored with brands like - Cafe Eatly, Yogola, Chatar Patar, Momo Factory, Bangs and many other brands that fit your investment range.

If you wish to explore more options then the once mentioned above you can visit https://www.franchisebazar.com/i... and do so, for better understanding do get in touch with the consultant there ay and they will be able to help you with the best.

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