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if you booked your railway ticket through makemytrip.com, and you want to cancel it. it is pretty straighforward, the ticket is displayed with the PNR number. there you can find fnf cancel ticket. just click confirm the cancellation, and you are doen with it.
Alibaba has come long way to get to this level of success since 1999, it is now the world's largest retailer in the world. they are operating over in 200 plus countries.

Hi Hannah,

First of all ask your self

  • Do you want to make your won team for b2b sales
  • OR you want to outsource

If You want to outsource you can look at my answer to another question >> Rashmi Shrivastava's answer to Is there such thing as a good B2B lead generation company? & Rashmi Shrivastava's answer to What are the major research companies for B2B and B2C marketing?

I hope i was helpful

Thanks for reading!

You can ask me more questions if you want to.