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simply follow the below steps to start an import and export business in Dubai:

Submit the company registration application form to the DED.

Notarize the company's Memorandum of Association in DED.

Submit the mandatory paperwork with the DED.

Pay the fees obligation and obtain the trade license.
There are reviews that state that this site is fake. They use statements like, noo contacting options, whois protection, originated in 2012, index.php in the address which shows amateur web development.

The Installation Charges will be added up with the Cost of the Asset.
Suppose a Machinery is bought for INR 10,000 & the Installation Charges is INR 1,000. The Cost of the Asset becomes INR 11,000 (10,000 + 1,000).
Like this, all types of procurement costs gets added with the Machinery cost (Like Freight/Transport, Labour Charges, Installation Charges, Tax etc.).

The Journal Entry Goes Like this:

Installation Charges A/c Dr…
To Cash/Bank A/c
(Being the Installation Charges paid)