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Ritchie street is the best place to start off with. you can get the best electronics from there and initiate the process. They host all ready kits to help you with whiichever way you want to start the building process.
these are huge portals of mechanical engineering design resources. 1) 2) ASME.ORG 3) MAtWeb 4) MechanicCalc 5) eFunda and 6) Engineers Handbook. these sites show hoe stuff works and how mechanical engineering links to the best innovations.
You can go for the cartwheel feature given by target. Pennysaviour can also come into great use if you want to get the best discounts at target.

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These are the books that are informative and easy to understand the concepts of automobile engineering

  1. Internal combustion engine by V. Ganesan
  2. Automotive Mechanics by William Crouse and Donald Anglin
  3. Automobile Engineering by Dr. Kripal Singh

Best online resources about automobile engineering are Youtube and mostly HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works!


Enjoy reading and learning about the world of Automotive engineering and cars.

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