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I worked on one experiment that was supposed to go on the old NASA Sky Lab. We had to prove everything, at least two different ways. (e.g. 2 + 3 = 5 proven two different ways, it seemed.) Obviously units were more than triple checked, by us the contractor.

Then NASA checked that, and asked voluminous questions and we answered those and then NASA checked those…….

There were a Lot of checks and HUGE safety margins. Astronauts were involved and their safety was paramount.


You need to learn from a licensed instructor pilot. However you do that is up to you.

I had a friend who bought his own airplane, hired an instructor and learned on his airplane.

Whatever works for you. Consider joining an aviation club, using their aircraft while you hire an instructor who also is a member of the club.


Just like the exploration of the World in the early days, or the opening of North America during the 1800's the Governments will have to foot the bill for all of that exploration.   Then, after a foothold is established, the industries will rise up and take advantage of the situation.  

Just like Bigelow is doing now with its experiment on the Space Station.  Bigelow Aerospace - BEAM

Industry is leveraging what the governments are paying for.