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We have used Vijaya, A.S. Brand, Priya - and did not find any significant difference…so, we buy depending on which is cheaper at any given time…

The oil can foam a lot if made using fresh crop of groundnuts without proper drying / aging…that can happen with any brand…


Well, the kettle is heated - either externally by being kept on a gas stove or electric hot plate or has an internal heating element - electric - direct or concealed…

Without some such thing, water kept in a kettle or jar will stay at the room temperature only…


IFB is just a brand…there are many other brands…

So, unless you are very brand conscious or brand loyal or are otherwise required to buy a specific brand - you need not restrict yourself to a specific brand…

You should choose the washing machine that is suited to your specific needs and which, in your view will give you long, trouble free service…


You mean the handles of the pressure cooker - generally black and of course not conducting much heat so that you can hold the hot cooker safely while taking it down from the stove. If that is what you meant, they are generally made of bakelite - phenol pharmaldehyde - a thermosetting polymer. The main properties are that they can be moulded into shape, are good insulators and thus provide you with safe handles to hold the hot cooker. They also have enough mechanical strength to withstand the stresses that arise from the weight of the cooker with food inside.


Almost all brands in the market are OK. The companies making them have after all studied the market well and won’t like to lose a huge chunk of the market by designing the mixie to suit only a particular segment of the population.

Go for a heavy duty type (with powerful motor) so that you can grind the idli, vada and dosa batter and make chutneys, dry powders etc. Go for the model that comes with 3 or more jars (2 is of course absolute minimum but 3 would be better). That way, cleaning won’t be needed too often and that can be postponed till the completion of cooking.

Is it safe to iron wet clothes?

MI Miguelbravo asked on 07 June 2020, 09:09

Yes, if the electric iron and the power socket are properly earthed.

We ironed wet clothes many times with a good electric iron and faced no problems.


10 kgf is the initial or preliminary load. Then the actual load of 150 kgf for Rockwell C and 100 kgf in case of Rockwell B scale is applied.

See the following link:

Rockwell Hardness Testing


See this for a good explanation with the stress strain curve…

Tensile Test diagram for Ductile and Brittle Materials

Link got by a google search…

I am a metallurgist who tested hundreds of sample in tensile testing machine…


OK. Let us take a few half litres and do the addition:

First we put one half litre - so we have one half litre

Now we add one more half litre - so we now have half and half - that means one litre

Repeat this 2 more times. We have 2 litres. So, we add 4 half litres and get 2 litres.

We can now do the reverse also. We take out 1 half litre at a time till we are left with nothing. We find that we have to do it 4 times.

So, either way, we get the same answer - there are 4 half litres in 2 litres.


Not whole spices…ginger is cut into small pieces or crushed…Elaichi (cardamom) is also crushed and added to the boiling tea…

I don’t make masala tea but have seen it being made many times…

Is stainless steel cookware safe?

MA Markwilson asked on 16 January 2020, 07:13

Yes. the thin layer of chromium oxide that forms on the surface is tough, scratch resistant and resists most of the foods - does not dissolve or react with the food items….

There are exceptions….acidic foods that are kept in long contact with the stainless steels corrode the vessel…

Salty foods also promote corrosion….

If you don’t see any evidence of corrosion on use, you can consider that the utensil is safe for routine / regular use….

If you see pitting - a sign of corrosion, switch to glass or some other material…

I am a metallurgist….


I can think of two situations when tender coconut water is contra-indicated.

When you have been advised by doctors against excess intake of potassium rich foods… you should also avoid bananas and potatoes in that case…

When you have a problem with your kidneys and thus need to restrict electrolytes and fluids…


As many times as you want…unless you are extremely calorie conscious or are having some major problems with your kidneys…

There are in addition some people who have higher levels of serum potassium and are not allowed potassium rich foods…that would include tender coconut water, potato, banana etc…


Coconut water is considered to be a good electrolyte and thus will help in maintaining the electrolytic balance in the body after physical activity that involves sweating.

Since it is rich in electrolytes, caution is advised if one is suffering from kidney problems or has some electrolyte imbalance due to some other disease. I recall one case of my relative who was advised to reduce the intake of potassium and so that lady could not eat potatoes, bananas and drink coconut water.

If you have no such issues, go ahead and drink as much coconut water as you want.


No. Stainless steel is very stable and does not emit any toxic fumes when heated.

Austenitic stainless steel is annealed by heating to a temperature of about 1100 C and there are no safety measures needed regarding the emissions since there are none.

I have worked in Nuclear Fuel Complex of Department of Atomic Energy and was Manager, Quality Control of Tube Plants that included Stainless Steel Tube Plant. I am a metallurgist by qualification.


1 kg is 1000 grams. Thus 250 grams is one fourth of a kg. So, the price of 250 grams of sugar would be one fourth of 100 = 100 / 4 = 25 rupees.

It is fine as a mathematical example but the price of good quality sugar in the market is only about 40 rupees per kilogram.


Depending on where you are residing, try BigBasket, Amazon Prime Now, Spencer’s, Grofers and a few more online grocery sites…Whether they will be cheaper than the local mandi, rytu bazaar etc. is debatable…but if we take the cost of transportation, cost of parking the vehicle etc. into account, online shopping may work out cheaper…

How do you pick a good coconut?

SU Sunmanexport asked on 06 July 2020, 08:11

In addition to the answer by Swarnali Chatterjee Yokota, I use the tap test…tap with my fingers or a small metal object. The sound should be sharp and clear…

With all these Quality Control Tests, there is a small but non-zero probability of getting a bad coconut….even the shop keepers admit to that….

That is one reason I buy at least two or more coconuts when I go to the shop. I can avoid one more trip if one of them goes bad….chance of both going bad is very remote…

Where can I buy a pure copper water jug?

AM Amritab asked on 13 January 2020, 20:27

As a metallurgist, I will not be able to say whether the copper of the water jug is pure or not and to what extent it is pure - 99%, 99.9%, 99.99% or some thing else…without doing a thorough analysis in the chemical lab.

All other tests like appearance, a guarantee certificate or a nice photograph or advertisement are highly subjective and could be marketing gimmicks. I am not saying they are necessarily untrue but I have no way of saying they are true without testing the metal purity.


I am in Hyderabad, India.

A couple of months earlier, my answer would have been in this order:

BigBasket, Amazon, Spencer’s, Grofers and then Prime Now (of Amazon but operated through an App and linked to some local supermarkets).

I was a regular customer of BigBasket from 2014. Whatever problems were there were resolved through mutual respect and dialogue…

However, last month there was some issue and the approach by their customer care team and what is called customer satisfaction team left me highly dis-satisfied. My repeated requests to escalate the matter to top management and my willingness to discuss the matter with some one senior did not get the desired response….

I reminded them this month and again a routine copy-paste response from the customer care guys…told them that is not acceptable and asked them again to be put in touch with the top management…but to no avail.

So, I deleted the Android App, logged out of the BigBasket account (there is no provision to close or cancel the account - I just ensured that I have no dues to them and no money in their wallet). I unsubscribed to their marketing emails.

In effect, I cut off the relationship. I searched in Twitter to find the link to their top managers - including Shri Hari Menon, CEO, but did not see him on Twitter…

Now, my choice is between Amazon Pantry, Spencer’s, Grofers and Prime Now of Amazon that is tied up with Now, Big Bazaar and More Megamart…

I am generally happy with the prices, quality, offers etc. and customer care…

Amazon tops the list for customer care….

Walmart bought into Flipkart and they may enter grocery segment later and Reliance also may enter….now they have Reliance Fresh stores but we need to go there, no online service in Hyderabad.

Godrej had one online site and a physical store in Hyderabad but that store was closed because of insufficient business. They may re-enter in future…

There used to be many more online sites for groceries in Hyderabad- a metropolis, but many of them closed shop…

BigBasket is the biggest but they are losing customers to Amazon and others because of their poor systems…getting easy money from Ali Baba and other investors has spoiled their culture in my view…if they correct their approach to customers, they would indeed be the biggest and best…